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Empire Business Association was formed in 2009 to help
merchants cope with all today’s credit/debit needs. We have almost
1800 merchants satisfactorily under our guidance. We have contracted
different processing companies so that our clients are fully
represented and satisfied. We will rely on your referrals in order to
stay functional.
Product and services: We specialize in all Credit/Debit  Cards
processing. We also help all our merchants to make sure that they  are
PCI complaint. We also sell and lease equipment to match whatever you
intend to do.
CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS: We specialize in cash discount processing. In this
case, all processing bills are transferred to your customers, making
your business to gain from not having to pay processing bills every
We do also process credit/debit cards at a very low rates. Making your
business profitable. We can go as low as half a percent processing
rates. (Call to see if you qualify)
VISION: Not only that our clients process at a very low rates, but
they are also educated on one of very aspect of PCI compliance, which
is mandated. At the going rate, most merchants pay up to $45 per month
for being PCI non compliant. PCI compliance as established  helps all
merchants understand:
Security Assessment Safeguard Your Data with CDW. Request a Security
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Free Threat Check Rapidly Identify Business Threats with CDW’s Free
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For just 10.99 per month, all PCI Compliance questions are answered,
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